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We are a translation company focused on researchers, laboratories and research centers.

Our work is based on an excellent understanding of the requirements of scientific and technical translation.

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A document
to translate?

Do you have a financial application or scientific article to be translated?

We find the most competent translator depending on your request. Always native in the target language, your translator is further trained in your specialized field.

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A translation in a
technical or specialized field?

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With translat.me, make the most of human translation.

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Specialized translations done by professionals. Turnkey service for a competitive price.

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Have a native speaker proofreading your work before publishing.

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Get help from a native speaker. Find an expert in your field.

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Free proofreading of short texts. Exchange linguistic services with the community.

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How do we say?

How do we say "downloading" in Japanese? Ask a question and a native speaker will answer you. It's fast and free.